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soft spoken

with a broken jaw.
11 February
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mother nature supreme,
step back and dream the hydroponic scene.
found around, knocked out of bounds,
wound into the mind of my stone cloud..

photos are love


all of my love to you:

the only one for me, is you <3<3

"Sometimes, when I'm listening to music . . . I feel like I could scream. I feel like my skin's coming right off me or something. I feel like a whole bunch of bones. It's like some music's got a direct line to my insides, and when I hear it, I go crazy all over, crazy and turned-on and hysterical and so different from the way I look to everyone on the outside that when I look in the mirror, I don't really recognize myself. It's like I want to have sex or kill someone when I feel like that, and then I think I'm pretty crazy and I can't ever tell anyone I have those feelings. Not anyone." -Brave New Girl

"Sometimes I laugh and wonder how I ever saw myself with a certain person. Other times I smile nostalgically and cherish the memories that flood my mind. While sifting through my things last week, I ran across a few items that touched a soft spot. They were memories of a person, only less than a year ago but still a lifetime away. As things would be, that chapter in my life is now over. The ending a mess, but it is still closed." -POBAW

"YOU HAVE always loved the beach. Always loved waters. Moving waters most of all. Could never resist the pull. Is it the magician's trick, the waving of the cape, coming and going, the possibility of tides and river runs that can produce something out of nowhere or that can take something away just as quick? Is that it then, the idea that what is coming and what is going presents the possibility of something better then what you've got right here right now? That what you cannot see under there has got to be better than that which you can see? What are you waiting for? Ever believeing, aren't you, that a good tide is going to bring you a superior something..." -FREEWILL